Hey, I'm 'Shuey'!

When I was a kid my family was evacuated from our home in the White Mountains of Arizona. The Rodeo Chediski Fire threatened my town's safety. During that time I thanked many Firefighters having no idea someday I would become a Firefighter myself. My early career path was as an USFS Wildland Firefighter. I worked in Flagstaff, AZ and then several years in Couer D'Alene, ID on the Panhandle. In 2016 plans changed, my husband's job moved us overseas and I started painting.

To this day I think about fire daily. I have a passion for the outdoors, fire and the fire community. i have close friends who are still pursuing their careers in fire and I know how hard each person works and what all they sacrifice. Fire is ever changing. Many people see fire as being scary, some only see it's intensity and destructiveness. I see fire as Also incredibly unique, mesmerizing, and beautiful. This is the way I try to capture it. I want to share Firefighters' images and their experiences through my artwork.

I want my artwork of both landscapes and fire to bring back memories. I want my pieces to evoke conversations with strangers and make them want to explore new places.I hope when you look at my paintings they inspire the naturalists in you or help you remember a trip, adventure, or fire you have been on!